Value Creation

one target - one partner

Project Development (PD)
We develop ready-to-build large scale battery storage parks. At the time of construction and financing maturity, we offer selected investors participation in the project companies. Because we believe in the commercial success of the projects, we also aim for a long term minority share participation. Our project development is based on close cooperation with grid operators, local authorities and land owners. Based on the know-how and modelling tools of our data science center, we conduct grid studies that can prove effective relieve of grid congestion through the operation of market driven battery storage parks and, hence, the increase of renewable energy grid integration. It corresponds to our company mission to respect the interest of municipalities and land owners.

Project Construction (GC)
We build turnkey battery storage parks based on our high quality storage products. Our product development focuses on robustness and performance for the most profitable operation on the european market places for wholesale trading and balancing power. Our product layout includes a long term operation horizon over several decades including recurring battery repowering.

Operations & Management (O&M)
Our projects are supported by a full scope of O&M services for the technical and commercial management. The technical part includes the maintenance and service of all plant components according to the best practice of technology an facility management. We support grid operator processes and organize all necessary maintenance and repair works using predictive maintenance methods. We coordinate qualified partners including and provide an audit-proof documentation. It is key for us to optimize asset availability and market operation efficiency by comparing the asset performance with own data science based benchmarks. Within the commercial part we support our customers with all necessary energy market processes around the subjects of regulated notifications and profitability calculation.

Storage operation system (ES-OS) 
The ECO STOR proprietary energy management system "ES-OS" is the central operation system and control unit of a storage park. All data of the system is collected and all interfaces to third parties are handled. The batteries are switched on, performance commands are sent to the inverters. Also important service parameters of auxiliary components such as protection devices, air conditioning or fire prevention unit are tracked and evaluated and control commands sent. For redundancy reasons a second control unit is installed, that can take over the functions of the first unit in case of defect.